This my new jam!

Dancing Lady

I’ve been majorly inspired these past few days and thought to myself why not share a new song God inspired in me

Some background;

“Alive” speaks of the freedom journey I have and am on with God. God has shown me areas of my life where I was/am bound and He has and is setting me free. In fact I believe I am mourning my previous self when I have moments of utter confusion as I know I can’t go back to the death that comes from being bound…and so I am learning to be Alive in my Freedom.

God is beyond a saviour, He is a transformer who came to give life and it in abundance. He can still breathe life into any dead thing, including dead vision and dreams…I’m a miracle I tell you…so I Praaaaaiiiiseeee Him for Mercy!

Hope you enjoy my new jam (version 120 and 121!!). Lyrics below. Please do tell me what you think but NO JUDGEMENT on my voice/tone as I am not anointed as a singer and my throat was sore #NotAnExcuse.

Side note: Kirk Franklin, Mali Music, John McReynolds, Dr Tumi…you can make it better and you knows it! Imagine a choir on that Bridge! Anyhooooo

#Alive #Memoirs #Spiritual  #Loner


Relentless is your love

You see right through my fight, it’s your love

Pride keeping me away

Yet you still wait me out

‘Cos you know better, so much better


God You came and gave me life

You held me in Your arms so I could survive

Still you stay(ed) with me so I can thrive

Now I know  You’d do anything to keep me alive



Still breathing, I’m a miracle

Free from strive and the cycle of lies

Chained to your love, your grace and mercy

I see I am found, bound to your love


(Bridge x2)

Though I still fall, make mistakes, I thank God I’m made alive

It don’t make sense, this grace thing, but I’m blessed to be alive

So, I Praise Him for Mercy

I Praise Him for Life

I Praise Him for Freedom

For He has made me Alive


(Chorus x 2)



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